Happy Dogs Play and Stay is a full-service dog daycare and overnight facility dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality dog care while furnishing a fun, clean, enjoyable atmosphere.

About Happy Dogs

If you're like us, your dog is not just a pet... he's a member of the family. While your dog is with us, we'll treat him like he's a member of OUR family by giving him lots of love and play time. Your dog will enjoy playing with other dogs while under the trained, loving eye of our staff.

• We have large 6X6 and 4X6 kennels
• All dogs get a dog cot for sleeping (you can bring any extra bedding from home too)
• The dogs are only in kennels when they’re eating or sleeping otherwise they’re out playing all day
• We play classical music at night for a relaxing sleep environment
• Internet Cameras in play areas


Why Choose Happy Dogs?

Happy Dogs Play and Stay is not your typical dog boarding place. We offer large suites, comfortable cots, cozy blankets, a clean and safe environment and last but not least... lots of fun and love! Our overnight boarding includes all-day-play daycare, so there's no extra fees for play-time. Plus, we have internet cameras so you can check on your dog no matter where you are!

At our facility, the health and safety of the dogs is our top priority. All dogs are interviewed to ensure that they meet our health and personality guidelines. This type of open play environment may not be for all dogs, and Happy Dogs Play and Stay reserves the right not to admit any dog based on temperament and level of sociability. All dogs must complete and pass our orientation. This gives us a chance to ensure that all the dogs that come to play or stay with us are a good fit for this type of environment.

Come see how much we love our pups!

Dog human handshake

Our mission

  • Offer a safe, fun and loving place to leave your dog
  • Always treat our visiting pups as a member of the family
  • Provide our staff a workplace where they can have fun in a safe environment with a pack of fun-loving pups
  • Being a good neighbor to the businesses and homes in our area
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