How do I know my dog will enjoy daycare?

Please keep in mind that while many dogs enjoy playing and tumbling around with other dogs, there are some that do not. Some dogs don't like to share toys or treats and/or are nervous around new people. Some dogs can find open-play daycare to be too stressful and would prefer to be in the comforts of their own home/environment. How a dog reacts at daycare depends on their socialization experiences. We have several play areas for all types of energy levels to create a fun day for most dogs!

What makes Happy Dogs Play and Stay a good place for my dog?

Over the last several years dog daycare has grown very popular. Every daycare facility is designed and run differently. At Happy Dogs, we treat all of our dogs like a member of the family. We do not believe you should have to pay extra money for your dog to get love, attention and play like some other boarding facilities. Also, we offer internet cameras so you can check in on your pup any time during business hours!

What is the Staff to dog ratio?

Our staff to dog ratio varies based on the size, activity level and personality of the dogs. We generally try to maintain a ratio of one staff member to fifteen dogs.

How is your staff trained?

Our staff come from a varying backgrounds, but we all have the love dogs in common! All of our staff goes through orientation covering topics such as how dogs learn, body language, group dynamics, appropriate play and signs of stress. All of our staff are trained in canine First Aid & CPR.

How is the Happy Dogs Play and Stay facility set up?

We have four different play rooms for the dogs to play. The small dogs have their own room to run around in with out the worry of being stepped on by a big guy. The small dogs have their own outdoor area. The small guys are taken outside during many intervals throughout the day. There are two medium/big, in-door/out-door dog play areas in which the dogs are separated by activity level. These dogs have consistent in-door and out-door access. The outdoor areas are complete with dog-safe synthetic grass. The last room is used to accommodate our senior and/or mellow dogs who like a slower pace.

What is your daily routine?

When dogs come in the morning, they are ready to play. Tumbling and chase are the main games that happen for most of the day. Dogs are also engaged by the staff with bubble play, ball or just plain, old-fashion petting!

Around noon, we have a nap time where the dogs are able to rest after playing all morning. Naptime helps the dogs get some rest and get ready for an afternoon of play. Please note that day-care dogs generally do not go down for a nap unless mom and/or dad request a rest period.

Around 5pm, we get the overnight guests to their suites for dinner and relax time. Around 6 pm we let everyone out for an hour of wind-down time before going to bed. Around 7pm all guests are snuggling in their suite listening to relaxing music while drifting off to sleep.